Saturday, 25 April 2015

And even more photos

Here are some more photographs by Stephen Foster of The World Through Wooden Eyes. Can you spot yourself?



A picture by our MC, John Cavanagh.

By David Laird.

By Wilf James.

By John Haddow.

Friday, 24 April 2015

More drowning photos

Taken by Anna Strzalkowska on her mobile phone when she had a second in-between all the happenings within the greater happening of Drowning Marzanna.

With some friendly police officers.

Who wants lyrics?
Everyone wants lyrics!

Who enjoys a day out in the park with their dad?

 Let's make some music!

May all burst into dance!

Time to drown Marzanna.

And be merry!

(more pictures to follow soon)

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Drowning Marzanna 2015

Drowning Marzanna
Glasgow 2015
photography Stephen Foster & Anna Strzałkowska

To begin with, we had a little Polish song workshop.

While the children (and some older children) had fun drawing.

But although Spring had come to Glasgow bringing some flowers and colourful insects...

...her hands (and legs) were tied. Imprisoned, she couldn't become her true self. We had to rescue her so that she could use her powers to make Glasgow a truly warm place.

Fortunately, John knew what to do. He announced that only MAGIC SCISSORS could cut the tethers which restricted Spring's movement.

Soon an army of brave men rushed to the nearby woods to hunt for the rescue tool.

And they found it! The magic scissors!

And Spring was freed!

Marzanna's face thinned. She knew her end would come soon...

But we forgot all about her, for the time being at least. It was time to play!
We started with the snowballs that nobody wanted to have around.

Then we laughed at Marzanna who was trying to freeze us with her wintery looks. Nobody was afraid of her anymore! And there was even a prize for the one who'd catch her first.

After that, led by the magnificent Colin Maclennan and our jolly musicians Miro, Wilf, Stepan, Iain, Fiona, Dagmara and Susan, we danced and danced and danced!

 The famous Broom Dance!


We would have danced like that till late but it was time to lead Marzanna to the river. And so our parade began.

The moment we brought an end to winter in Glasgow.

Spring is here!