Friday, 13 December 2013

Sharmanka's Multilingual Poetry Incarnation recording

Here is our Sharmanka's Multilingual Poetry Incarnation recording. Enjoy!

Once again, thank you to all involved.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Poetry at Sharmanka

photo by Tatyana Jakovskaya
Thanks to all who contributed, and came along, to our Multilingual Poetry Incarnation.
It was such a wonderful evening and there will be future events to follow on from this one.
In order of appearance, those who read poems were:

Tatyana Jakovskaya
Jim McGregor
Saeko Yazaki
Anna Strzalkowska
Stepan Gsus Zatkulak
Hamid Navid
John Cavanagh
Colm O'Mahony
Marzanna Antoniak
Zuzanna Strzalkowska
Chinaka Odum

Our musicians:

Susan McNaughton
Stepan Gsus Zatkulak
Miro Cuba
Wilf James

A recording of the event shall be published within a few days...