Saturday, 18 July 2015

Drowning video

Andrew Queen & Marzanna
photo by Stephen Foster

We're finally publishing the video of this year's Drowning Marzanna Spring Festival in Glasgow!

The event was organised by: Marzanna Antoniak, Anna Strzalkowska, John Cavanagh, Ashley Holdsworth, Andrew Queen and Kasia Korzeniowska.

Music: Wilf James, Colin MacLennan, Dagmara Lesiow-Laszczewska, Iain MacLachlan, Stepan zatkulak, Susan McNaughton, Miro Cuba and Fiona Frank.

The film was produced by Vilte Vaitkute and a team of film-makers from Migrant Voice as part of the project Many Voices, One Community.

A huge thank you to the film-makers, musicians, photographers and other supporters, and to all who participated in the event. Another Drowning in only about 9 months!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Verse Universe recording

Here is a recording of our Verse Universe from the 4th of June.
We had the pleasure to hear performances in 8 languages.
Our performers in the order as they appeared on the day:

Fuad Alakbarov - traditional Azeri song
Inga Sempel - a poem in Italian
Owen McAulay and John McAulay - 'The Story of Shaker Aamer'
Amparo Fortuny - a poem in Spanish
Fadi Alchairi - an Arabic song
Macgillivray - a performance in Gaelic, English and ... 
Ivonne Iser - her own poem in German
Anna Strzałkowska - poetry in Polish
John Cavanagh - poetry of Ivor Cutler
Marzanna Antoniak - a poem in Polish