Sunday, 21 December 2014

Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!
Happy Yalda Night to all our Iranian friends!
Our days will be longer now... :-)

Monday, 24 November 2014

Rhymes From Home - recording

Here is the promissed recording of all performances from our evening of songs and poems from many homes around the world, brought to Glasgow by those who've made a new home here. Staged at Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre on 6th November 2014 amidst Eduard Bersudsky's marvellous mechanical sculptures. Enjoy! Share!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Rhymes From Home by Robin Mitchell Photography

Thank you everyone who took part in our evening of song and poetry from around the world! It was a truly inspiring gathering of likeminded people who share a passion for music and art. Here are some photographs of the event by Robin Mitchell.

The green room where our musicians' rehearsal turned into a feast of delicious food, laughter and collective singing.

Anna and Marzanna (in purple) made sure that the event ran smoothly.

Then we moved next door to the magnificent Sharmanka for the real show! 

John Cavanagh - the master of ceremony
Casting a spell on the audience...

We started with some music by our lovely musicians:
Stepan Zatkulak, Wilf James, Jill Leavey, Sadie Whitecoat and Miro Cuba

We've had eight wonderfully unique performances in eight languages. All of them will be available to listen to on our recording which will be published very soon.

Jill Leavey sang "The Slave's Lament"

E karika Djal performed a Roma song "Shukar Shukar"

Juana Adcock read Spanish and English poems from her new book "Manca".
Mary Forbes performed a Nigerian lullaby "Aye Adba"
photo: John Cavanagh

Kamilla Ravnsfjall sang a song from Faroe Islands, "My Mother"
photo by John Cavanagh
Gerry Loose read poetry from his new book "Fault Line"
Ali Tupa sang in Farsi

Sigita Morkūnaitė, Rūta Kukulskytė and Kristina Žalytė 
performed a traditional Lithuanian song "Ant kalno jovaras stovejo".
Then there was more music and a song workshop in different languages led by Marzanna...

Someone said that this photo "looks like the devil is speaking to the mic"...
Well captured, Robin.

That is some tattoo!

Saying good byes...
Our thanks to BEMIS & Homecoming Scotland 2014 for their support of this event!
Multicultural Homecoming is a partnership between BEMIS Scotland, Visit Scotland and The Scottish Government.

And, once again, a huge thank you to all who volunteered, attended and performed at our Rhymes From Home event in Sharmanka!

If you'd like us to inform you about our future events, email us at

Monday, 13 October 2014

Rhymes From Home


For November's First Thursday event, we're very pleased to present an evening of songs and poems from many homes around the world, brought to Glasgow by those who've made a new home here.

Performances in the poetry of many languages will happen amidst Eduard Bersudsky's marvellous mechanical sculptures.

This event will begin after Sharmanka's regular 7pm show has concluded, so a little after 8.

Our thanks to BEMIS & Homecoming Scotland for their support of this event.

Do get in touch if you'd like to perform a song or a poem in your mother tongue or join our musicians.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Dancing away!

Here are some shots of what Migrant Voice's ceilidh looked like! Shindiggery!

Photos by Karen Gordon Photography:

It was a pure joy to be there...

 Colin Maclennan of Thunder Dogs called traditional dances from many parts of the world.
On one could stant still!

Photos by Jean Pierre Saint-Martin Photography:

Friday, 3 October 2014


 As part of Multicultural Homecoming 2014, Migrant Voice is celebrating diversity, home and citizenship in Scotland.
Join us for a unique cultural experience and a fun-filled evening with music and traditional dances from Scotland and other parts of the world, including Romanian, Irish, Canadian, Polish, Middle Eastern and many other. Let’s come together to share our dances, music and food. Let’s learn and laugh. Everyone is welcome!

The event is free to attend, but everyone should bring a bottle (water, soft drink, wine, etc.). There will be some food but you are welcome to bring yourself a snack.
Places are limited. To book your place, email by October 5th.

Friday, 12 September 2014

A bookmark

I was asked by a great fan of One Direction to make her a themed bookmark ...

Here it is! ;-)

by Marzanna

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Dances at Rozelle

Quite a few of our Cosmopolis friends attended last Sunday's dance workshop at Rozelle so we are posting a couple of photographs here so you can see yourselves.

A huge thank you goes to Chris Dooks for capturing those moments of pure joy!

Dances were called by the great Colin Maclennan whom you know from our Spring Festival.




The Cultural Connections festival will last until Sunday the 21st September. You can still visit the gallery to see art by Jewish Scottish artists and this Sunday we're celebrating an opening of a photography exhibition by Claire Maxwell documenting the making of the festival (again, many of our Cosmopolis faces to be seen in there). The 14th and 15th September are for a conference about Jewish art and life in Scotland. And on Sunday the 21st the GRAND FINALE - a concert with dances, lunch and the last guided tour around the galleries... All welcome!