Saturday, 20 October 2018

Sharmanka's multilingual performances

As part of the Merchant City Festival, a unique story telling walk culminated at Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre where multilingual performances accompanied by Eduard Bersudsky’s marvellous mechanical sculptures celebrated Glasgow’s present, past, and its welcoming openness to the world beyond the city.

Performers in order of appearance:

Stepan Zatkulak
Ivan Nieto
Alok Samartha
Pawel Glowienka
Adnan Shamdeen
Lyn Krige
Charlie Doran
Sophie Casimira Kromholz
Marzanna Antoniak
John Cavanagh
Jo Bowie
Mo Asif

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Drowning Marzanna 2018

Another year, another drowning of Marzanna, another Spring has come! 
We are the Spring people!

Spring singing and relax
Ashley and Andrew
Kasia, Michal i Marzanna

Marzanna and Paulina

Ciuciubabka - Marta
We were singing "You are my sunshine" and ... the sun came out!

We read quotes about Spring

Raz dwa trzy Marzanna patrzy!
One two three Marzanna's watching!

Marzannas are watching!


Happy Spring people:

Let's go! Spring this way!

And here we throw Marzanna into the river - it will go far away !!

Welcome Spring! 

Ha ha!
Remember - you are a sunshine!

Photographed by Anna Strzalkowska