Sunday, 25 September 2011

Demolka party

When a block you live in is meant to be demolished it can be one of a life time opportunity to mess up in your flat. No one is going to live there anymore so no one will mind walls covered with funny drowings and ragged floors. And this is what happend to one flat on the 5th floor of a multistorey block in Glasgow:

Strangers on the wall exchanging glances...

Monika has captured all the most important moments.

Looking professional ;)


Our bubbly Tymon!


Ania and Kasia brought a jummy cheese cake, mmmmmm...

And fun started!

Ania's getting shape.

Kacper is always laughing anyway...

Monika gave up.

And now haunts the abandoned flat...

He definitely needs glasses.

A bit of lively red will bring colour into his B&W existence.

A rainbow

They are busy but still happy;)

We are busy too...

and happy!

Upside down

The Brigade

A sunny girl.

'There would be no halos, no angels...'

Well, maybe just a little one.

DEMOLKA PARTY, Glasgow, 23 July 2011