Friday, 12 September 2014

A bookmark

I was asked by a great fan of One Direction to make her a themed bookmark ...

Here it is! ;-)

by Marzanna

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Dances at Rozelle

Quite a few of our Cosmopolis friends attended last Sunday's dance workshop at Rozelle so we are posting a couple of photographs here so you can see yourselves.

A huge thank you goes to Chris Dooks for capturing those moments of pure joy!

Dances were called by the great Colin Maclennan whom you know from our Spring Festival.




The Cultural Connections festival will last until Sunday the 21st September. You can still visit the gallery to see art by Jewish Scottish artists and this Sunday we're celebrating an opening of a photography exhibition by Claire Maxwell documenting the making of the festival (again, many of our Cosmopolis faces to be seen in there). The 14th and 15th September are for a conference about Jewish art and life in Scotland. And on Sunday the 21st the GRAND FINALE - a concert with dances, lunch and the last guided tour around the galleries... All welcome!