Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The World Through Wooden Eyes

We visited The World Through Wooden Eyes today where the puppet master, John Blundall has gathered his collection of puppets, masks, prints and books. Together with designer and creator of puppets and masks, Stephen Foster, they showed us round the galery.

We've seen wonders there! Hundreds of amazing colourful wooden and paper figures, and some incredible books, many of which were hand-made by artists from around the world... A treasureland for theatre and art lovers!

Click here to visit The World Through Wooden Eyes website
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Stephen Foster bringing his Pierrot to life.

The puppet master at his desk.

We hope Stephen will organise a puppet making workshop soon. We will let you know when we hear any news. If you'd be interested to participate in such workshop do let us know or email Stephen himself at info@theworldthroughwoodeneyes.co.uk