Thursday, 6 April 2017

Drowning 2017 photos by Anna Kowalska

by Anna Kowalska Photography

Something's happening...

People in embrace...

Holding hands...

More and more of them...

About to burst into a song...

They are dancing!

Dancing in the park.

All colourful!

A flying Scotsman!

Everyone's having fun!

Ceilidh in the park!

Making the world colourful!


Who will be the first to reach her?

Let's give Marzanna some spring colours...

Spring is in the air!

Good bye Marzanna!

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Drowning 2017 photos by Stephen Foster

Photographs by Stephen Foster of The World Through Wooden Eyes.

Spring 2017 :-)

Something's happening there...

These two have been playing at each Drowning since we met, no one remembers when...
                                         Wilf                                                                       Stepan
             Event organisers: 
                                 Arty Anna                      Ashley in a Russian costume made by herself
          Paulina wearing a Polish traditional costume                               multitalented Kasia

                  John Cavanagh, our favourite MC!                                          colourful Bex
Time to play!
Ciuciubabka - if you get caught you'll be part of Winter's team

And who is on Spring's side?

So we have two competing teams now!
Tic Tac Toe time!

Winter won this battle. But that's not the end!

Who will win this time?

Us! The Spring team!

Raz-Dwa-Trzy Marzanna patrzy!
The effigy of Marzanna was made by Dagmara, ages ago...

1-2-3 Marzanna is looking! Freeze!
Let's learn a Polish song barely known by Polish people themselves...
And it's about bagpipes! :-)

Are we following the lyrics?

Yes, we are! :-)

Dancing in the park!!!
led by the amazing Colin MacLennan

 Dancing Marzanna away!

Time to walk Winter to the parting bridge.

Good bye, Winter...

You really must go...

Marzanno, Marzanno,
ty zimowa panno,
dziś cię utopimy,
bo nie chcemy zimy.

Thank you to all who took part in this event! :-*

More pictures to follow soon. Watch this space.